Aircraft Hangar Buildings

We produce all sizes of airplane hangars to accommodate your craft. Our steel frames support large spans and height for clearance. Bi-folding doors,swing out,or sliding doors can be engineered into the aviation building frame. We also have available the very best of quality engineered bi-fold door systems. These buildings and doors are designed for specific snow, wind, and seismic conditions for your area. 770-7818279

During our 20 years of experience in the steel building industry, LTH Steel Structures has engineered and supplied many aircraft hangar buildings. We pride ourselves on supplying quality products and providing unmatched service and support throughout the entire process of economically pricing, engineering, ordering, and shipping your aircraft hangar building.

We can provide you a free, accurate quote usually within 1-3 business days if you have working architectural drawings. We can also help with design if needed for a reasonable fee. We price our buildings economically without sacrificing engineering integrity or safety.

We are proud that over half of our steel is made from recycled materials such as cars. Building with steel also conserves energy and other natural, raw materials. Steel doesn't host termites or mold, so there's never a need for toxic fumigation or costly structural repairs. We can engineer and ship for domestic or international building codes, and our buildings are of ideal strength for high seismic, high-wind prone areas.

Request a custom quote for your aircraft hangar building project!

Aircraft Hangar Buildings for Sale

Title Pricesort icon Roof Snow Load Wind Load
40ft x 80ft x 20ft Area: Attawa, ON $24,500 48 psf 90 mph
40ft x 100ft x 16ft Area: Big Rock, VA $28,980 18 psf 90 mph
40ft x 40ft x 20ft Area: USA, CO $32,775 50 psf 150 mph
50ft x 100ft x 16ft Area: Rocky Mount , VA $35,585 25 psf 90 mph
60ft x 100ft x 16ft Area: Big Rock, VA $37,100 18 psf 90 mph
100ft x 60ft x 16ft Area: North Lima, OH $40,815 40 psf 100 mph
24ft x 48ft x 18ft Area: Macon, GA $41,500 5 psf 115 mph
60ft x 100ft x 20ft Area: Valrico, FL $44,500 0 psf 145 mph
70ft x 50ft x 18ft Area: Clayton Air Hanger, GA $44,500 10 psf 115 mph
48ft x 76ft x 14ft Area: Canover, NC $48,500 30 psf 100 mph
60ft x 120ft x 16ft Area: NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL $49,950 0 psf 120 mph
60ft x 120ft x 16ft Area: Duvall, WA $52,600 30 psf 110 mph
40ft x 60ft x 18ft Area: Shellman, GA $54,500 5 psf 105 mph
70ft x 180ft x 16ft Area: Medina, OH $63,268 20 psf 115 mph
70ft x 140ft x 16ft Area: ENTERPRISE, OR $64,629 35 psf 110 mph
75ft x 100ft x 20ft Area: Cambridge , IA $69,993 35 psf 115 mph
80ft x 120ft x 18ft Area: Greenburg, KS $71,975 30 psf 100 mph
100ft x 200ft x 14ft Area: Furlong, PA $91,896 30 psf 115 mph
120ft x 200ft x 16ft Area: Scottsville, KY $94,381 15 psf 115 mph
50ft x 224ft x 18ft Area: Export, PA $100,400 35 psf 90 mph
120ft x 100ft x 20ft Area: New Cumberland AIR HANGER, PA $105,200 25 psf 90 mph
100ft x 200ft x 16ft Area: Cheyenne, WY $106,456 25 psf 90 mph
100ft x 200ft x 26ft Area: IJAMSVILLE, MD $134,500 30 psf 90 mph
100ft x 200ft x 26ft Area: Marysville, KS $136,555 30 psf 110 mph
100ft x 120ft x 40ft Area: Waller, TX $136,730 5 psf 125 mph
125ft x 175ft x 10ft Area: Indianapolis , IN $151,439 25 psf 95 mph
100ft x 350ft x 1ft Area: USA, PA $159,575 30 psf 120 mph
100ft x 120ft x 24ft Area: 100x120x24, $178,115 25 psf 156 mph
300ft x 150ft x 20ft Area: Exeter, MO $199,875 15 psf 105 mph
100ft x 100ft x 57ft Area: USA, GA $210,000 5 psf 115 mph
140ft x 140ft x 39ft Area: Any Location USA, FL $220,000 0 psf 90 mph
175ft x 300ft x 25ft Area: Peralta or other areas with similar codes, NM $435,000 29 psf 90 mph