100' x 100' x 57' Steel Building for Sale - USA, GA 30040

Here is the building system we had spoken about - let me know and we can tweak what is needed an design the loads according to your building location.

100 ft x 100 ft x 57 ft eave height 1n12 roof slope.
Pre-engineered building system
Welded - I -beam construction - using 12 inch purlins and girts bypass mainframe condition.
pre welded clips for secondary steel
secondary steel galvanized coated
rod bracing for roof and walls
prime-redoxide main frames @ 25 ft part on sidewalls and 20 ft apart on endways
sculptured gutter with downspouts per frame line
24 gauge standing seam roof ( Kynar finish )
24 gauge PBR sidewall panel
panel fasteners, stainless steel, eave and base closure and trims flash included ( Kynar finish )
3 sets of stamped copies of engineering prints and details, anchor bolt layout, 1 = stamped calculation package
IBC 2012 international building code, 115 MPH 3 second wind speed, Exposure C condition
5 lb PSF roof snow load, 7 lb PSF collateral loading for lights, ductwork and sprinklers
6 inch R 19 WMP50 heavy duty ( white color ) We have black if needed reinforced insulation with seal tapes.
1= 14 ft x 14 ft insulated wind rated drum steel commercial door with top seal and all mounting hardware
4 = 3 ft x 7 ft preassemble in the crate insulated steel entry doors with anti-panic lever hardware and closures
2= 10 ft x 8 ft framed openings for glass front install by others
freight included to the Houston Texas port, we can use another port if needed - may have to adjust some freight cost
$ 210,000 using current pricing - price subject to change, add tax if not exempt.
Estimated fabrication and delivery time 8 weeks, prints completion estimated 2 weeks.
30% deposit is required to place the order with the balance due at time of delivery.
If you are using a freight forwarder for overseas transport we can schedule for them to bring in the containers to our fabrication facility for us to load.

Contact LT Harvey 770-781-8279 Larry@lthsteelstructures.com

This size steel structure can be made into a steel frame home by adding various partition walls and other building materials. Closed cell spray foam is a great way to insulate to reduce moisture and get an air tight building envelope making it energy efficient. LTH Steel Structures can also supply light gauge steel framing for interior walls if requested. A complete Layout would need to be sent with dimensions so we can price and include the shipping to your building site.

Building Type:
Red Iron
Priced per site location
Roof Design Type:
Roof Slope:
Seismic Category:
Wind Load:
115 mph
Roof Snow Load:
5 psf
Ceiling Height:
Live Load:
25 psf