Green Building Technology

Building with Steel is a GREEN choice! Build strong, beautiful homes and buildings, while protecting the environment!

We are proud that over 50% of our material is recycled steel!

Steel recycling programs reduce solid waste, resulting in substantially less landfill usage and conservation of natural resources. When you frame a house with wood, you use approximately 40 trees. When you frame a house with steel, you use approximately 11 recycled cars. This large amount of recycled steel reduces both the cost and the environmental impact of making new steel. While many other building materials are dumped by the ton into landfills, steel is always 100% recyclable. New steel made with recycled material uses only 26% of the amount of energy that is needed to make steel from iron and other materials extracted from nature. Steel roof and wall systems are extremely durable, and needs replacing much less often than traditional building materials.

Building With Steel Helps Make A Healthier Environment

Steel framing eliminates the need for toxic fumigation such as pest control or mold control for traditional wood frames. This is an enormous benefit to the health of the occupants and the health of the environment. Steel does not host termites or mold which means there can never be structural damage that would be caused by such - saving your health, time, energy, and money over years and years and years!

Steel framing is an environmentally responsible product of sustainable and safe construction.

Building with steel gives you superior quality and strength, high performance, unlimited design flexibility, high recycled content, complete recyclability, sustainability and energy efficiency while preserving natural resources. Steel building equals GREEN building!

Steel framing is more efficient!

Typical savings for heating and air costs range from 40 to 60% compared with the typical wood frame home. On a typical 3000 sq. ft. home, the savings during the heating and cooling months range from $100.00 to $150.00 per month, based on results supplied by homeowners that have built with our steel framing system. With achievable R38 in walls and R40 + in the ceilings, it just doesn't get much better.