50' x 70' x 16' Steel Building for Sale - Lake Havasu City , AZ 86403

There is currently a 8-12 week lead time on steel buildings.

50 ft wide x 70 ft length x 16 ft eave height with a 3n12 roof slope
Pre-engineered steel system
IBC 2015 code
5 lb snow load, 120 MPH wind load 3 second gust, 3 lb extra collateral load with deflection for finish
2 ft on center girts for all walls - ran flush - straight columns
all framed openings for overhead doors ( no actual doors included for the large doors
1 = insulated 3 ft x 7 ft steel door with frame and hardware and cylinder locks
sculptured trim and gutters with 3 downspouts for each sidewall
portal frame bracing with rigid welded I beam main frames
best paint kynar finish for all of the building panel and trim with lifelong fasteners
1 = 16 ft w x 8 ft high framed opening
3 = 3 ft x 3 ft framed opening snd insulated tinted windows with trim
2 = 10 ft x 10 ft framed openings for garage doors by others ( we have drum steel doors if needed )
doors can be shifted left or right - but not to close the the main frames for best suited location.

LT Harvey 770-781-8279 Larry@lthsteelstructures.com

This size steel structure can be made into a steel frame home by adding various partition walls and other building materials. Closed cell spray foam is a great way to insulate to reduce moisture and get an air tight building envelope making it energy efficient. LTH Steel Structures can also supply light gauge steel framing for interior walls if requested. A complete Layout would need to be sent with dimensions so we can price and include the shipping to your building site.

Building Type:
Red Iron
Priced per site location
Roof Design Type:
Roof Slope:
IBC 2015
Seismic Category:
Wind Load:
120 mph
Roof Snow Load:
5 psf
Ceiling Height:
Live Load:
20 psf