Frequently Asked Questions

Does LTH Steel Structures install my new steel building?
We do not provide labor rates through our company due to many job locations and the number of man power to accomplish a particular job size. We can provide a labor source to accomplish your project once we know the designated schedule for your project and all engineering has been completed. Our office handles steel design and coordinating operations providing the engineering, fabrication and logistic schedules behind the delivery of your steel structures or components. All schedules are important to us to insure your shipments are on time for your building sequence. Upon request, if needed, we can arrange training for your contractor, or provide onsite supervision for a reasonable price. We do provide full erecting prints, and with some guidance, your contractor or labor force should be able to handle the install if they are knowledgeable of the construction methods. If for some reason you are unable to obtain labor or supervision for the install, we would try and find a reputable installer to contact you to set up the schedules after we have an established prints and building at the engineering stage.

How much would my building cost per square foot?
We strive to keep the cost down on all projects and want to earn your business. Since every building is unique and there are many variables at play, we do not price per square foot. However, we will generate a custom quote for you based on your plans, or the dimensions that you have given to us. After you have a complete quote from us with all cost including freight and engineering, you can average the cost per square foot yourself for your particular project. There are many pre-configured buildings on the website under( buildings for sale or steel packages ) and perhaps one is already configured with the criteria you may want that is near your location. These buildings may be tweaked for size and components to meet your requirements. The online building prices are subject to change, depending on industry steel prices and transport costs.

Are custom quotes free of charge?
We do not charge for custom quotes on light gauge steel framing packages, red-iron, pre-engineered buildings, or structural buildings. We will need for you to send us a working set of plans or readable sketches with dimensions or choose one of our plans. If you don't have any plans yet, we may know architects that will draft or create a design for a reasonable price that will be included as part of the purchase order for the steel package.

Do you supply buildings to my state/city/region?
We can supply buildings to customers all over the globe, We use the stringent codes for the USA. Our engineering codes can use up to seismic 4 conditions, wind loads 150 mph plus, and snow loads to 150 lbs per square foot. So there is not a region that we cannot handle to make sure you get a sound structure for your area. For countries that require their own engineer, they may convert our calculations for their own reference. We can use Canadian codes for red-iron pre-engineered building systems. NOTE:Developers who need assistance with multi-project development, contact us directly for special price considerations.

Do you work with other architects, engineers, builders, developers?
Yes, we work with all trades, as well as homeowners to make the project a success.
We have worked with many steel builder projects from all over the globe.

What is the minimum building size you'll supply?
In the low rise building industry, we typically can handle any building structure for your building needs. No job is too big or too small. We handle structural steel and pre-engineered bolt together building systems up to 90 ft high if needed. Also we offer an all galvanized coated structural cold form steel framing system that can do complex design projects or multiple stories high and include all the interior partition walls as well. Most any project you may have including heavy crane buildings, aviation hangers, and long bay systems for multiple uses.

Is shipping included in the price?
Yes, shipping is included in our custom quotes for the continental USA. Only upon special request, we can price quote container freight, port to port for deliveries to another country. We typically price quote to the nearest port or delivery destination for customers who handle shipping themselves. If door to door export quotations are needed we need can do this as a special request.

Are your buildings and components warrantied?
We have outstanding warranties on our new fabrication products. Secondhand or used items are not warrantied, all new manufactured items carry warranties ranging from 1-35 years. Details are available upon request.

What are the pay schedules to purchase the Clear Span Red-Iron Building Packages?
The Red-Iron Steel Building Systems only requires a 30% deposit of the overall total price to initiate engineering, fabrication, and arranging freight schedules. This can be paid by check, certified funds, or bank wire transfer. Typically the balance is paid by certified bank cashiers check on the delivery of the building system. Other payment methods prior to shipping can be arranged. NOTE: The buildings with a 3 week fabrication and delivery schedule, the balance payment must be on time to avoid additional storage fees. These buildings are designed to save you additional money and streamline production for your benefit. Standard red-iron schedules generally run 6-8 weeks from the date of the order.

What are the pay schedules to purchase the Steel Frame Home Packages?
The Steel Home framing Packages only require a 40% deposit of the overall total price to initiate the order and begin engineering. After your review and approval of all dimensions or changes another 40% due of engineering completion which sends the order to fabrication, and freight scheduling. The remainder 20% is due prior to loading freight haulers. Deposits and fabrication amounts are deducted from the overall balance. This can be paid by check, certified funds, or bank wire transfer. The balance is typically paid by bank wire transfer prior to loading freight carriers to expedite the freight shipment to the building site. These are unique structures, designed especially for you and your building area. Told formed steel engineering can take 30-45 days to complete with fabrication and delivery anywhere form 3 weeks to 3 months depending on the complexity of the steel package.

What is included in the STEEL FRAME ONLY Eco-friendly steel framing packages?

  • Engineered drawings ( Engineering seals are available for all 50 USA states )
  • The Steel Package includes the following materials unless otherwise noted:
  • Exterior walls are 8 3/8” which include 6” studs and hat channels engineered for both sides for thermal break and stability.
  • All load bearing and non load bearing studs for interior and exterior walls, porches, canopies or other designated supporting areas of the structure
  • All window frame rough openings and door frame rough openings with jambs, track, hat channels, box type headers, connector plates, angles and steel to steel fasteners to assemble
  • Structural header studs are labeled and cut to length. Note: For homes using ICF or concrete walls, these walls are deleted
  • 3 ½” interior stud walls are used (not 3 5/8” – standard doors do not fit 3 5/8”)
  • All interior studs are located 24” on center, whether they are structural or drywall studs
  • Interior stud walls include base track, headers, clips, angles, bracing as required, and the screws to assemble using 18 GA 3 ½” studs supplied for both sides of all door openings
  • Floor systems include steel joists or un-assembled steel trusses, headers, beams, clips, plates and the steel to steel screws to assemble
  • Based on span and load, joists are either 8”, 10” or 12” depth
  • Floor trusses are 16”, 18” or 24” deep or as required for the application
  • Pattern trusses are included with screw holes already in place with all members labeled and cut to length for proper placement
  • Roof system trusses are engineered and designed for maximum strength and more accurate field assembly
  • Typical spacing for roof trusses is 4’-0” O.C. allowing for faster installation
  • Truss components are labeled, coped and cut to length to help speed the installation process
  • All hat channels are spaced 2’-0” O.C. on top and bottom chords
  • Rafter configurations include valley framing and ceiling joists where required per plan
  • Continuous 6” sub fascia material is bent at the pitch of the roof for attachment of trim and gutter
  • Soffit framing, headers, beam clips, angles, plates and the screws to assemble are included
  • Drawings and code related items include - 2 sets of prints( only if required )
    and 2 sets of structural drawings, more sets available upon request
  • Structural drawings include: all designed exterior and interior stud walls, floor systems, roof systems details including details of all labeled components that are to be assembled
  • General notes are: structural steel track and stud materials supplied as engineered in the following gauges: 20, 18, 16, 14 and 12 Gauge
  • Structural hat channels for the roof, ceiling and exterior walls are 20 GA
  • Hat channels used on the inside of the exterior walls are 25 GA
  • Under certain loads and codes, some criteria may exceed the criteria listed above - WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ROOFING, SIDING OR FINSH PRODUCTS FOR HOMES, OR CHURCH BUILDINGS. we leave that up to the GC,builder or homeowners due to the many choices compatible with our steel framing systems.

What is included in the Clear Span Red-Iron Steel Systems?

  • Complete engineered drawings with licensed engineers stamp for your state
  • Elevations section details
  • Anchor bolt layout drawings
  • Anchor bolt template details
  • Erecting drawings
  • Building load calculations and calculation reports for footing design
  • Steel panels are 26 gauge sheeting for roof and walls with a reverse wall panel option profile at no extra charge
  • Purlin leg bearing roof panel 36 inch width
  • R-panel profile wall sheeting 36 inch width
  • 36 inch long die formed ridge cap with pre-bent roof pitch with all tape sealant
  • Sculptured trim with caulk, tape seal and matching color pop-rivets (trim pieces pre-hemmed to reduce sharp edges)
  • All eave and rake trim neoprene closures
  • 20 year warranty on galvalume roof or walls panels
  • Up to 30 year warranty on painted trim and panels with many color choices
  • Primary and secondary framing members all marked for easy identity
  • One-year warranty on all structural framing members
  • Roof purlins and sidewall are pre-cut with holes punched for faster installation
  • Overhead door openings are factory located per design and offer various choice in sizes
  • All the main frames have pre-welded clips and pre-welded base plates
  • High strength bolts and nuts are used for the primary connections (A-325)
  • (A-307) strength bolts and nuts are used for secondary framing and are zinc coated
  • 14 gauge for base angle including red-head connectors for the concrete attachment

Here are a few of the options available for upgrades:

  • 24 gauge roof and wall panels, including insulated panels in various thickness for higher R-values
  • Concealed fastener with clips for standing seam roof options and various profiles available
  • Insulation packages from one quarter inch reflective to demanding R30 and higher values, with choices of vapor retarders and durable facings
  • Extra loads can be applied to roofs to accommodate plumbing, special ceilings, fire sprinklers, air handlers, hoist beams, or other
  • Many choices of roof and wall ventilators or ridge cap venting, from auto-powered to natural draft ventilation
  • Any size or type of overhangs, canopies, lean-roofs, whether open or enclosed, can be fitted to your structure
  • Many choices of steel or glass entry doors in widths of 3', 4', and 6' to include your choice of hardware from panic lever to knob or lever style
  • Double-pane windows are available in a variety of sizes, sliding or fixed, with a frame choice of aluminum, bronze or white
  • Pre-formed gutters and downspouts are are available in long sections with matching down spout straps, rivets, and gutter sealant included
  • Various styles of liner panels and trim offering many color choices to cover the inside of the building framing for durability and appearance
  • Parapet and facade walls are available to enhance the building architectural look and provide roof shelter for walkways and overhang
  • Adjustable spacing of purlins or girts to accommodate added attachments or open areas
  • Specialized spacing of main frame columns can accommodate special large openings or other open areas for attachments
  • Higher roof slopes and hip roofs are available for architectural appearances
  • Mezzanine floors with optional loading for concrete floors, metal decking or typical plywood or cement board installation
  • Heights of buildings up to 90 ft (typical height is under 30 ft)
  • Clear span frames for wide open areas or modular design with interior columns for many multiple uses

Are steel-framed homes safer than wood-framed homes?
Absolutely. Steel framing is a code approved solution to building construction versus other traditional methods. Steel products are non-combustible/non-flammable, meaning, fire will not spread throughout the structure via the frame as it would in a traditional wood home with wood framing. In a steel framed home, fire is more easily contained to the initial start location, and spreads at a slower pace, allowing more time for you and your family to escape to safety. Also, air quality is a big concern. There are many environmental organizations that recommend building with steel, because it performs best for businesses and homeowners that are more sensitive to chemicals, and must have good air quality control inside their buildings. As far as strengths are concerned, steel is more resilient to earthquake seismic activity, hurricanes with sustained wind pressures, and snow weight with heavy vertical loads.

How will the steel framing package affect my other trades?
Experienced framers will find it relatively easy to transition to our steel framing system. If they understand floor plans, elevations drawings, piece marks or labeling of the components, they can implement these to construct the floor system, walls and roof layouts. With some assistance and or training, most carpenters can handle the project with ease. Steel framing has a lighter weight to ratio compared to wood, about 1/3 less weight and crew members can move the pieces and sections much easier. The already experienced carpenters adapts to steel framing very quickly, as they are able to get their jobs done more efficiently, which in turn helps both the owner, GC, and the following contractors.

Plumbers, electricians, and HVAC contractors should be familiar with steel framing as their products are made mostly with metal and they are used to handling, bending, shaping and fastening to it. They will typically use steel fastening hangers and rubberized grommets, rather than boring holes through the materials, which really makes a cleaner job and less room for error.

Concrete crews are unaffected, due to the distributed weight of the lighter gauge engineered steel framing, reducing concrete cost. The loading is calculated as a normal type of construction for foundations. Note: red-iron buildings do have some heavier concentrated loads at the main frame columns, but they are very heavy and span much further than the lighter gauge framing with studs running vertical with closer intervals on centers compared to red-iron studs running horizontal in between columns. Under certain applications depending on design criteria the cold form steel can span great lengths if needed.

Siding and roofing crews are unaffected as they can apply any type of siding, whether brick, stone, stucco, cement board, wood siding or any other is ideal for these systems. Asphalt shingle, clay tile, steel roofing or other are well adaptable. If the siding and roofing crew wants to use conventional nailing methods, then OSB, or exterior plywood sheathing can be used as a backer board for attachment to the frame. Some today’s exterior OSB products are created to repel moisture, deter mold and insects, and used for added shear strength on many of our steel framing packages. There are some other cladding such as (AdvanTech), that is little higher priced, but has non warping and moisture, mold preventive advantages that can really work well with the steel framing system. Some folks do not want any wood products, so they lean towards cement based sidings and flooring sub layer products.

Trim work, cabinets and flooring trades really enjoy their work when installing their finishing products to our steel framing packages. Steel framed walls, corners, rafters, ceiling joist, door headers and jambs, end up much straighter for them to efficiently cope, miter and fit these items with out frustration. Fastening is not a problem when using the correct fastener for the job, which snugly pulls the trim into into its position. No nail pulls and twisted molding, saving that much time on repairs and caulking. If a carpenter only prefers the use of a trim gun they can screw to the steel a wood backer board to shoot the trim nails into. This sometimes is done when excessive wide crown trims are used throughout the home. If you are going to have heavy cabinets and concerned about weight then a backer board wood or steel c channel can be positioned in your kitchen walls between the main studs or to allow more attachment strengths. Some installers use self tapping steel to steel fasteners and others wood to steel screws, and some pop rivets once the cabinets are in position.

Why should a builder or developer build with your steel frame packages?
As a builder or developer, one would think the utmost importance of your business is to turn a profit from the inventory of your houses, apartment buildings, duplexes, town homes, condominiums, or other development projects, and be rewarded for the investment to the community. Consumers now recognize steel as a superior framing product due to its fundamental characteristics. Presenting to your clients an environmentally safe, strong, lasting product will be uncompromising. Pleasing the purchasing customer, and being very proud of your building technique, along with enjoying what you do can make your business flourish. Offering your customers this Eco-friendly structurally sound product, which can have a multitude of bragging rights attached to all your future projects. As a builder you would want to alleviate warranty costs and costly call backs or do overs. Using steel framing for your build outs, you will not have to worry about shrinkage, or rot, splits, warp-age, nail pops, quality of materials, bad culls of lumber, excessive crowning, week knots, cutting and measuring errors, toxic glues, termite and insect damage, dry out framing times, combustible materials, etc. etc. As you can see, our steel framing retains its shape and consistently outperforms other methods, for a long lasting, straight and plumb construction. Dependability in the quality of materials you use along with responsible workmanship, would save your company many sums of money while retaining happy customers and their referrals, this is even more important so when building in volume.