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Please fill out the form below to request a custom quote. We value your business and respect your privacy and do not sell or give out personal information. You may elaborate on any specific requests for clarity of what is needed. Sending a sketch to us with dimensions and door locations helps us determines the best preliminary building design for steel member sizes and bracing configurations for your project, and would receive the most accurate pricing. We strive to get quotes out to you as soon as possible, although during certain busy building times of the year you may need to give us a call if you have not received a quote or need immediate attention to your project.

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Architectural Services

If you want to get serious, and save money with your building project, you will need professionally prepared dimensional prelimary plans with floorplans and elevation drawings. This will allow you to communicate properly with contractors and supply companies for more accurate labor and material costs. This will also allow for additional planning and changes.

For the low price of $0.95/sqft, including porches and garages, we will prepare your preliminary plans that include a set of dimensional floorplans and elevation drawings. If you end up purchasing our red iron package, we are willing to deduct the plan cost from final package price. This means, you essentially pay nothing for these services!

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