Reinforced Vinyl Patch Tape

White Reinforced Vinyl Patch Tape for Insulation
Black Reinforced Vinyl Patch Tape for InsulationReinforced Vinyl Patch Tape for Insulation

Sold per roll or by the case of 16 rolls. Same type ion facing type is best chosen to blend with the facing of choice. Each type has its own testing capabilities ( see specifications within each insulation facing type for details )

1. Standard VRR face tape
2. Heavy Duty WMP50 face tape
3. Heavy Duty Plus GymGuard face tape

Reinforced 3 inch 150 linear ft of fiber roll to match material facing with a peal and stick adhesive backing. Specifically designed for use with the reinforced faced insulations for vapor barrier to Install over insulation lapped tab seal joints when adjoining side lengths or butted ends of insulation, for a strong, air tight seamless finish. 770-781-8279

Price: $58.78

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