Tuff-Bond Stick Pin Adhesive

Tuff-Bond Stick Pin Adhesive
Tuff-Bond Stick Pin AdhesiveTuffbond Adhevsive specifications 1Tuffbond Adhevsive specifications 2Tuffbond Adhevsive specifications 3

$125.00 per 1 gallon can for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. An immediate grab non slip formula adhesive that perform in high temperatures for bonding insulation support stick pins to many types of building wall and ceilings applications, including metal, wood, concrete or masonry. Water and mildew resistant with thermal shock capabilities. Also used as a high strength general purpose construction adhesive with environments subject to low -30 degrees F to high temperatures up to 250 degrees F. Works great for many application and also for rounded roof line type building structures like quonset hut or odd shaped ceilings for a point and tuck type of installation method. Ground shipping only applies to this product. See specification details. 770-781-8279 larry@lthsteelstructures.com

*Note: This product is sold for professional use only.

Price: $229.60
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