Radiant Barrier Insulation

Astro Armour Radiant Barrier Insulation
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State-of-the-Art Reflective Foam Insulation Rolls for Metal and Post-frame Buildings.

Available in 72" x 125' or 50" x 125' rolls

Astro-Armour is our latest reflective insulation product to advance the technology for reflective materials by incorporating a high- density foam and UV inhibitors within an effective reflective material. Astro-Armour reflective insulation rolls can keep 95% of radiant heat out of commercial and farm buildings of all kinds- whether metal or post-frame. Reducing heat-transfer results in more comfortable interior spaces and reduced energy costs.

Astro-Armour is the perfect insulation for animal confinement buildings as well, preventing indoor ambient air temperatures from raising above outdoor ambient temperatures. On top of great performance, this new material provides a white surface that can be cleaned to maintain a pleasing interior visual, and it boasts superior strength. It won't rip or tear like other materials and will hold up against pesky animal nesters. Astro-Armour will also mitigate condensation issues when properly installed.

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  • Reflective/Foam/White UV Inhibitors
  • Helps Reduce Building Condensation
  • Superior Strength
  • Light Weight and Easy to Install
  • Class A/Class 1 Fire Rating
  • Blocks 95% of Radiant Heat
  • No Bubbles to Pop!


Woven Scrim of Astro Armour Product
The advantage of a woven scrim Is superior strength, which results in our product being highly resistant to tearing and rips. The benefits of having one of the strongest radiant barriers is that ours is washable. Being able to wash our product can prevent a potential loss in performance due to excessive dust and dirt build-up. Astro Armour has an RV of 14.7 with 95% reflective ability

Foam Barrier
Foam Barrier has the advantage over traditional single and double bubble in that foam will not expand or contract due to temperature changes and not lose air. These benefits bring our customers a reliable product that will not decrease in performance over the life of the product. Also, using a closed-cell foam product with scrim makes it so superior in strength that birds won't nest in it and rodents will not eat it.

Available in 50" or 74" widths

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Price: $306.60
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