R-13 Insulation Package for a 24' x 32' x 10' Steel Building

R-13 Insulation Package for a 24' x 32' x 10'
SKU: R13_PKG_24_32_10

This insulation kit has everything you need to insulate your 24x32x10 steel building with 4" R-13 insulation. Whether it's a garage, shop, shed, or utility building, we got you covered. Maybe you built your shop a while ago and you're now ready to regulate the internal temperature some (maybe even add HVAC). Or maybe you're building a new 24' x 32' x 10' structure and want to insulate it. Either way, this insulation package is just what you need.

We've calculated the amount of insulation you'll need (we assume an overhead door, an entry door, a window, and this package covers roof slopes from 1:12 - 4:12). We've included 2,300 sq ft of 4" thick standard reinforced faced insulation rolls. The rolls are available in a variety of widths to suit the cavity into which your insulation will be installed.

This package also includes two-way stick tape, patch tape, and your choice of attachment system: steel banding (to run across the beams and support the insulation) or stick pins and washers (to be adhered to the wall and stuck through the insulation to accept a washer on the face). Most of the time steel banding is the easier method. If this is new construction and you'll be putting the insulation between the panels and the beams, the steel banding will simply act as additional support.

This package price includes a discount, as well as free shipping in the continental US. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Price: $4,777.49

Stick pins & Washers are typically used for retrofitting when banding cannot be run across beams

Choose the width of the fiber batt needed - the facing tabs will be beyond the batt

If the roof insulation needs to have a different width, select it here

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