40' x 80' x 14' Steel Building for Sale - Steele City, NE 68440

There is currently a 17 week lead time on steel buildings.

40x80x14 steel building for sale see PDF file for details of system 770-781-8279 larry@lthsteelstructures.com
Engineering Design Info:
Building Type: Gabled Building
Width: 40' Length: 80' Height: 14' Slope: 1:12
Sidewall Bay Config: 3 bays at 26 ft 8 in
Left Endwall: Non-expandable Bearing Frame Right Endwall: Non-expandable Bearing Frame
LEW Column Spacing: 20 / 20 REW Column Spacing: 20 / 20
LEW Girt: Flush REW Girt: Flush FSW Girt: Bypass BSW Girt: Bypass
Column Shape: Tapered
Code: IBC 2009 Wind Load: 100 Exposure: C
Live Load: 20 Reducible: Yes Ground Snow: 35 Roof Snow: 30
Seismic: Ss = 0.156 S1 = 0.045 Seismic Coefficient: 0.25 Collateral Load: 0.5
Snow Factors: Is = 1.0 Ct = 1.0 Ce = 1.0
Occupancy = Normal Thermal Conditions = Normally Heated/All Others
Snow Exposure = All Other Roof/Terrain Conditions
Roof Dead Load = 2 psf

Standard color to choose with full warranty.
Building Colors:
Wall: Saddle Tan (26 Gauge PBR) Roof: Saddle Tan (26 Gauge PBR)
Eave Trim: Saddle Tan
Downspout: Koko Brown Corner Trim: Koko Brown Jamb/Header Trim: Saddle Tan

Doors & Factory Located Framed Opening Summary:
Size: 14X12 Wall: Back Sidewall Bay: 2 Align: Center
----No door selected for this framed opening----door provided by others.
Size: 14X12 Wall: Back Sidewall Bay: 3 Align: Center
----No door selected for this framed opening----door provided by others.
Size: 14X12 Wall: Right Endwall Bay: C Align: 3 ft from left column
----No door selected for this framed opening----door provided by others.

Other Accessories:
Description Qty Color
Doors Type M 3070 (Non-Windrated) (3ft X 7ft) 1 Bronze
Swing Option:Left Handed
Lock Option:Standard Duty Lever Handle Lock

Description Thickness Location Sq Feet
White Polypropylene (WMP-VR-R) 4" Walls 3635
White Polypropylene (WMP-VR-R) 6" Roof 3500
Includes double sided tape and 1 roll(s) of patch tape.
Wall Fastener Type: Standard Length: 1 1/2"
Roof Fastener Type: Long Life Length: 2"

Description Selected
Gutters and Downspouts Yes
Framed Opening Jamb Flashing No
Base Closures Yes
Base Trim

This size steel structure can be made into a steel frame home by adding various partition walls and other building materials. Closed cell spray foam is a great way to insulate to reduce moisture and get an air tight building envelope making it energy efficient. LTH Steel Structures can also supply light gauge steel framing for interior walls if requested. A complete Layout would need to be sent with dimensions so we can price and include the shipping to your building site.

Building Type:
Red Iron
Priced per site location
Roof Design Type:
Roof Slope:
IBC 2009 Exposure C
Seismic Category:
Wind Load:
100 mph
Roof Snow Load:
30 psf
Ceiling Height:
Live Load:
20 psf